Warren, Greene take new seats on Canyon Lake City Council


By a vote of 3-2, the Canyon Lake City Council appointed Vicki Warren to the seat of Mayor of Canyon Lake at the city council meeting on Wednesday, Dec.6. Councilman Jordan Ehrenkranz nominated Randy Bonner for mayor, Councilman Larry Greene nominated Vicki. Randy, the outgoing mayor, Vicki and Larry voted to appoint Vicki as mayor.

At the same meeting, the city council appointed Larry to the seat of Mayor Pro Tem of Canyon Lake by a vote of 5-0.

Vicki and Larry will serve in their positions for the next 12 months, at which time the city council will appoint a new mayor and mayor pro tem.

Vicki said she is deeply in love with Canyon Lake and excited to be serving as mayor. “Being appointed mayor is such an honor. I’m looking forward to putting in some extra hours for Canyon Lake” said the new mayor. “We have a busy and important year coming up. It will be great.”

Vicki said she will continue to focus on services for the citizens of Canyon Lake. “Fire and police services are at the forefront, of course, but we need to focus on businesses too,” she said. “We need to capture some of the patrons that pass through between the 15 and 215.”

Vicki, a five-year resident, was sworn in as a new member of the city council in 2014. Two years later, the city council appointed her mayor pro tem. Her four-year term ends December 2018.

Vicki came to the city council with more than 14 years of State and Federal legislative experience and a history of working with the Bureau of Land Management. At the time, Canyon Lake was in crisis over its fire service. “I am capable and qualified to serve Canyon Lake at this time of crisis, to champion this city and her citizens through these difficult times and to help shape our changing future,” she said in 2014.

Larry, a 39-year resident, was sworn in as a new member of city council on Dec. 14, 2016. He was the front runner in the election with 2,916 votes. Larry’s four-year term on the council ends in 2020.

“I am very honored and proud to continue to serve the citizens of Canyon Lake as mayor pro tem,” said Larry. “I will work with Vicki and the city council to move forward with the improvement of city services and public safety. A big Thank You to Randy Bonner for his service as mayor.”

Larry spent 31 years as a municipal fire professional, which included positions as division chief of operations and EMS, fire marshal and assistant fire chief for a large Orange County city, and six years as a consultant.

In addition to his position on the city council, Larry serves as the president of the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee, and is a CERT trainer and CPR instructor.

“His expertise, contacts and knowledge with fire services help make him an amazing asset to Canyon Lake,” said the mayor.

The Canyon Lake City Council is the elected body of City Government that consist of a five-member, non-partisan board, elected at large from the citizens of Canyon Lake. They are responsible for formulating the policies for the city and approving the major actions through which the municipal functions are conducted. City council meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month.