CL Police Department announces new service


A citizen’s on-line police traffic collision reporting system is now available to the public. Non-emergency, non-injury, minor traffic collisions and hit and run traffic collisions that have no suspect driver information and no suspect vehicle information can be reported on-line by going to the City of Canyon Lake website at

The service is free to the public and offers a convenient means of creating a police report for minor fender bender traffic collisions that occur within the City of Canyon Lake.

To create a traffic collision report, visit the city’s website and click on the “Department” tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to “Police ” and then click “Select Incident.” A “Report Traffic Incident” box will appear to the right of the page. Click “Go to the form page” and follow the direction. Frequently asked questions with answers have been provided for the public’s convenience.

Upon completion of the on-line traffic collision report, a Canyon Lake police officer will review the report for detail and accuracy.

Once approved, a Canyon Lake Police Department case number will be provided. In the event the police officer reviewing the traffic collision believes further investigation is required, you will be contacted by phone.

For questions, contact the Canyon Lake Police Department non-emergency number at 951-210-1000. Always call 9-1-1 for emergencies.