Main gate entry monuments near completion


The main gate entry monuments are expected to be completed by the end of December. The lettering, lighting and water was added last weekend.

Many residents were surprised to see the lighthouse blue instead of red to match the iconic lighthouse on the lake and as it was shown in the original design.

According to the POA, the reason for the color change is so that the entry lighthouses match the lighthouse on the lake when it’s refurbished and painted blue, which is scheduled to happen with in the next few months.

Residents have had mixed reviews about the color change. Comments on several Canyon Lake community Facebook pages seem to indicate that many residents are in favor of it.

The Canyon Lake Board of Directors approved $227,680 plus 5% contingency for the installation of the two entry monument signs and water features at the main gate on Aug. 2.

The new entry monuments at the main gate include tapered lighthouses, waterfalls and fountains, LED lighting and lettering on the front that identifies and welcomes visitors to Canyon Lake.

A video and details of the project can be found on the POA website at

The previous main gate entry monument welcomed visitors to Canyon Lake for 30 years. It was demolished on March 25, 2016, when construction started on the Main Gate Project. Later that year, the POA put out a Long Range Master Plan Survey to gauge the community’s interest in future community enhancements. A water feature at the main gate was the community’s top choice.