Public Notices / DBA Information

Publish your public notices in The Friday Flyer!

All Public Notices, including Fictitious Business Name Statements (DBAs), can be published in The Friday Flyer. For step-by-step instructions, read the information below.

For all other public notices, call Lynda at (951) 244–1966 ext. 223 or email for more information and rates.

How to file and publish a fictitious business name statement with The Friday Flyer

  1. DBA must be filed with the county clerk and subsequently published in The Friday Flyer for four consecutive weeks. You can file the DBA or we can do this for you (for an additional $10 fee).
  2. The following fees apply:
    • File
      • $58.00 to file with the County Clerk for 1 business name and 1 registrant’s name.
      • Each additional business name is $7 and each additional registrant’s name is $7.
      • Check is made payable to Riverside County Clerk, with your driver’s license number, expiration date and your day phone number written on top of the checks.
    • Publish
      • $40 fee if the DBA has already been filed with the County Clerk. Check made payable to The Friday Flyer.
      • $50 fee (plus the filing fee on a separate check) if the DBA has not been filed and we will file for you. We will need two checks, one for the filing fee made out to Riverside County Clerk and a second for $50 made payable to The Friday Flyer. (You may pick up the filed form at The Friday Flyer on Friday.)
      • The first publication must occur no more than 30 days prior to the date of its filing with the county.
  3. The blank form is available at the County Clerk, at The Friday Flyer office or by downloading it here [PDF].
    • Follow the detailed instructions on the back of the form including:
      • Use black ink and spell out all names in full, no initials when filing out the form.
      • P.O. Box numbers when used alone are not acceptable. You must use a street address.
  4. Once you have completed the form please mail or drop off at The Friday Flyer, 31558 Railroad Canyon Road, Canyon Lake, CA 92587. If you have already filed the DBA, you may also fax the form with your credit card information to 951-244-2748.
  5. The Friday Flyer’s deadline for submission of DBA form is Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.
  6. At the completion of the fourth publication of the DBA, we will file with the County Clerk the Proof of Publication for you (no charge) and will mail this form back to you when we receive it from the county.
  7. Please contact the Riverside County Clerk for all legal questions at 951-486-7000.

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