Letter: Tennis Club Support


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I am the tennis coach at Temescal Canyon High School and have been working with tennis players for the last 12 years. I wanted to make the community aware of the positive impact of the Canyon Lake Tennis Club and its dedicated members.

Our players are very fortunate to have been the recipient of the generosity of the Canyon Lake Tennis Club. In the past, the club has given to needy college-bound students and has made a difference in many of the students’ lives. The club has awarded scholarships that have eased the stress of the college experience.

More recently, the Tennis Club has supported even more kids by donating to our entire team, instead of one individual college-bound player. The donation has been a resource that I, as a coach, have been able to use to support some of the students that need financial support.

Our program has been growing and we are very proud of our students’ successes. We have a vast majority of our students going on to college after graduation, with tennis being a large part of their high school experience. I feel we have such a great environment for success, growth and leadership, and the kids are grateful for the opportunity to play both at school and the annual Canyon Lake tournament.

I am a long time Canyon Lake resident and I’m very proud of the incredible players I get to coach and the awesome community that supports them. Thank you.

Laural Hebein 

TCHS Tennis