Activities, sports get students off to good start

Spencer Massicot Teen Columnist, The Friday Flyer

Spencer Massicot
Teen Columnist, The Friday Flyer

The school year so far has been pretty overwhelming. With school and practice, by the time I get home I only have a few hours to complete the ever-growing homework load.

I have been given the privilege to be a part of the Associated Student Body (ASB) at Elsinore High, and it has been awesome doing things for the school. I was elected as the freshmen treasurer, and I get to help design the freshmen float at the homecoming game.

We have been working on it over the weekends and it is really coming together. The theme is Dr. Seuss, and we have brought in components of several different Dr. Seuss books. We have the cat from the Cat in the Hat reading a book. We have Whoville and the Grinch’s mountain, and we also have the truffle trees and the Lorax himself. While the float is being pulled along the track there will be Dr. Seuss music blasting.

Everyone who is in costume and wants to be on it can get on top of the trailer and be on the float while it is being pulled at the halftime show. All of the older kids in ASB have been saying that the more people on the float, the better it is.

The homecoming dance is going to be at Mulligan’s. We rented out the entire place, and we are going to turn it into an “Alice and Wonderland” theme to fit under our ultimate theme of “Falling into Fantasy.” We all had so many ideas and when we were all put together it was awesome. You could see the teamwork and we all contributed a lot.

It really was a fun experience as well as an awesome opportunity to experience first-hand what high school is all about. It isn’t just about getting good grades, and it is definitely not like anything from middle or elementary school. It is about being involved, having fun, joining clubs and extracurricular activities.

Also, all of the sports seasons are starting, so I can go watch the games. The Elsinore football games are so much fun; everyone wears red, and we are called the “red sea.”

Our first cross-country meet was on September 5, at Colton High School. I was really nervous about it, but once it started, a shot of adrenaline went through my blood and I took off. I didn’t want to start off too fast because it was a three-mile course.

I tried to climb up into the middle, passing people who were slowing down. As we went up a hill, I passed several people. After racing around the school and surrounding neighborhood, it came to the last 150-meter stretch on the track. There were people in the stands cheering, and I went into a full-out sprint. I caught a few people and finished the race with a time of 22:27.

Elsinore finished in 2nd place out of the 11 teams. After months of training, it was so great to actually experience the race, and I am really looking forward to the rest of the races in the season. I am determined to beat my personal records as the season goes on, and I have set a goal to get under 21 minutes.

Another thing that has happened at school is our first pep rally. Everyone filed into the gym and there was one section left. After a few minutes, all of the seniors walked in wearing their crowns that they all made themselves. They get to personalize their crowns and wear them whenever they want throughout the year.

Once the pep rally actually started, they brought out something called the spirit jug. The spirit jug has a noise meter on it and is taken around to each class one at a time. Each class does the school’s spirit chant and then screams – the class with the most noise wins.

After that, the cheer team performed and some members of senior ASB did skits to introduce the clubs on campus. The band performed and then it was time for a game. Each grade picked one representative to come down. They put a pantyhose on their heads and attached a tennis ball to the other end. Then they swung their heads around to try and knock over a can. The first to knock over three won for the grade.

All of the things that have been going on have really opened my eyes to how amazing my school is and how many amazing people are in it. Everyone is so unified and really cares about what goes on at school and making it a good environment for everyone. I am so excited to see what the rest of the year brings.


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