Test your trivia skills at Bar Trivia Night


Residents are invited to round up a team and test their trivia skills at Bar Trivia Night on the last Thursday of each month from 7 to 9 p.m. at the lodge.

Bar Trivia is hosted by local entertainer and quizmaster Aprile DeAnne, who challenges the crowd with fun, entertaining pop culture trivia. Bar Trivia is played in teams of one to five players. The more players, the better a team’s odds are of winning.

There are six rounds of trivia with questions on topics ranging from sports to music to art and science. The last round has a bonus question which could add or subtract ten points, pushing teams behind or ahead of other teams.

A $50 gift certificate for food at the lodge is awarded to the winning team.

“The is a fun event and an opportunity to meet friends in the community,” said Aprile.