Canyon Laker sets golf milestone at age 86


Canyon Lake Chuck Hawley set a golf milestone that many golfers would never consider possible. The 86-year-old shot his age 100 times. In golf, an “age shooter” is a golfer whose score matches or beats his age. For example, a golfer of age 75 who shoots a 75 or better.

Chuck reached this golf milestone on July 20 when he shot an 84 while golfing at home in Canyon Lake. The experience was shared by Tom Steinle and Larry Gann, two of Chuck’s long time friends and golfing buddies for many years.

It all started on Oct. 1, 2003, when Chuck was golfing at Eagle Glen Golf in Corona. Chuck pulled off a smooth 71 to match his age.

Chuck is a longtime resident of Canyon Lake. He purchased his first piece of property in Canyon Lake in 1977 and joined the Men’s Golf Club in 1987. The avid golfer has played many courses in the area and shot his age at most of them.

One of Chuck’s more memorable rounds was on a trip to Oak Harbor Washington to visit his brother, a retired naval captain. They played Gallery golf course on the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station where Chuck proceeded to shoot his age and beat his brother.