Letter: Movie Review


Editor, The Friday Flyer

I do not agree with the average review that the Christopher Robin movie received from The Friday Flyer. I had been an elementary teacher for 38 years and have read numerous Newbery award-winning books to my students and have shown many films that are educational as well as morally suited for children. This movie is one of the best films that envelops kindness and empathy that we all need in today’s world. And the one thing that is lacking today is for all of us to relive the wonderful days of our youth. As adults, we lose the fantasy that once gripped our lives as children. This film reintroduces us to that once forgotten land of make believe. Sure, some of the characters are slow moving, but A.A. Milne made them that way. We should all slow down and look through children’s eyes at the Hundred Acre Wood. Ewan McGregor’s character realizes his ambition has robbed him of his most prized emotion. He finds his love for life’s simplicity as well as his love of his family. It is a great movie for children as well as adults.

Paul Parque