Students ride RTA buses for a quarter


Youth riders pay 25 cents to ride the bus from June 1 through September 4

The Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is offering students a special 25 cent fare between June 1 and Sept. 4. Students in first through 12 grades simply need to flash their school ID to ride for a quarter to the movies, the mall, the beach — anywhere RTA goes, anytime buses operate. RTA buses have comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi service and USB charging ports.

“The new fare is a great way for students to find a safe and affordable way to get around town,” said RTA Chair Linda Krupa. “We are thrilled to provide students with an alternative way to travel this summer. Perhaps best of all, parents can rest assured that their children will be safe on the way to wherever they’re going.”

For years, RTA has offered youth discounts on 30-day passes, but this relatively new approach to offering rides for a quarter appears to be a hit among young riders. When RTA launched the quarter-rides during the summer and winter breaks of 2016, youth ridership climbed by 44,000 boardings, according to RTA. RTA expects ridership to get another boost this summer thanks to the special student fares.

One of the benefits of the program is that students don’t need to worry about carrying or losing a bus pass. The cash discount provides immediate savings and instant access to all buses, including CommuterLink express buses which serve beach destinations. Plus, rather than spending money on bus fare, students can have more cash in their pockets when they arrive.

Students can take their bike or skateboard on the bus. If they’re going to the beach on RTA’s CommuterLink Route 202, they can also take their surfboard.

While a school ID is the preferred method of getting a 25 cent ride, bus drivers also accept RTA Youth ID cards, or California driver’s licenses or state IDs showing the rider is under 19 years old.