Recap of April’s Public Safety Meeting


Jan Bratten of Animal Friends of the Valleys provided an update on the statistics for the year. She provided additional information about dogs running at large and a dog at large that had bitten someone. There was discussion regarding attempts to find the dog and owner, and how dog bites were handled. There was discussion regarding the distribution of the wildlife pamphlets provided at the previous meeting.

Lieutenant Huskey provided the statistics for the previous month. Significant calls were reviewed. There was discussion regarding license plate sticker thefts and working with the POA to find out who had issued the guest passes for people who had committed thefts.

Special Enforcement and Code Enforcement Officer Gina Dickson discussed the statistics and activities of the Special and Code Enforcement Departments. Officer Dickson discussed unpermitted construction projects in the city and what was being done about them. There was discussion regarding enforcement for fishing on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas. NPDES violations were discussed, in which some residences had plumbing issues and sewage had spilled into the lake.

The Fire Department reviewed the statistics and responses from their department. Calls longer than 10 minutes for response were reviewed. There was discussion regarding calls when the engine would be staged until law enforcement cleared the scene.

Mayor Pro Tem Larry Greene provided an update on the Emergency Preparedness Committee activities, meetings and events attended and discussed an upcoming earthquake drill that the Emergency Preparedness Committee would be hosting with various local agencies and groups.

Residents are invited to attend the meetings of the city’s Public Safety Committee where they will hear reports on police, fire, code enforcement, special enforcement, emergency preparedness and animal services. Meetings are held in the Council Chamber at city hall at 9:30 a.m. on the Tuesday before the monthly city council meeting, which is typically held on the first Wednesday of every month. The meeting provides an opportunity for residents to express safety concerns to all safety officials in one place.