Today is the last chance to enter July 4th table lottery


Today is the last day for residents to pick up a lottery ticket at the POA for a chance to win a reserved table at Holiday Harbor Park on the Fourth of July.

Holiday Harbor Park is a popular spot to celebrate the Fourth of July. The park is known as one of the best viewing spots to watch the fireworks that are set off a short distance away on Skippers Island.

Each year, the POA hosts a lottery that awards winning members with a reserved table at the park. There are 17 tables available. To participate in the lottery the member must be in good standing with the POA and present a valid POA card. One table reservation will be allowed per tract and lot.

The lottery will be held on Saturday at 9 a.m. at the POA office. Table sites are assigned based on each winning ticket. As each ticket is drawn, the winning member will select a single table from a diagram of the park that reflects available tables for reservation. Subsequent numbers will be drawn until all 17 available tables have been awarded.

The table reservations are good on the Fourth of July only. Each winning member will be given a slip showing the table is reserved for them. The POA will put reserved signs on each table early on the Fourth of July. As a reminder, anyone using a table not reserved for them can be fined. The rest of the park will be available on a first come, first basis.

For more information, contact the POA Activities department at 951-244-6841 ext. 610.

The Fourth of July campsite lottery was held at Happy Camp on Saturday. According to campground staff member Petty Cogdill, 177 residents entered the lottery. Forty campsites were awarded. Campsites on the Fourth of July are reserved for lottery winners only.