Canyon Lake residents win medals in OLDlympics pickelball


Three Canyon Lake residents came home with medals following the 32nd annual OLDlympic Games. After 18 days of competition in 20 different events, the OLDlympic games came to a close Tuesday, October 4 with an awards banquet. Winners were saluted for their excellence and presented with their medals.

Some of the 20 events in the OLDlympic Games include men’s and women’s golf, tennis, swimming, softball, outdoor pickleball and chair volleyball, to name a few.

This year, three Canyon Lake residents competed in the men’s and women’s doubles outdoor pickleball games. Inga Loy was awarded the gold medal in the Women’s Doubles competition. In the Men’s Doubles, Terry Loy won a silver medal and Bruce Yarbrough won a bronze medal.

The Valley-Wide Recreation & Parks District created the OLDlympics to provide an opportunity for seniors in the surrounding communities to compete against their peers in regulated events that are traditional, relaxed and informal and encourage all seniors to participate. For more information about Oldlympics, contact Valley-Wide Recreation & Parks at 951- 927-6673.