Lake cleared for recreational use before last weekend


On Thursday afternoon, August 12, EVMWD announced in a press release that updated water sampling taken at various locations of Canyon Lake proved the lake to be safe for bodily contact and recreational use. Following the announcement, the lake reopened to recreational use, including bodily contact.

“Following the test results gathered by Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District and conducted by Eurofin laboratories, the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association deemed the Lake safe and has reopened it for use,” said Mark Norton, Lake Elsinore & San Jacinto Watersheds Authority Administrator. “Cyanobacteria are naturally occurring microscopic bacteria that can multiply and produce potential toxins. No traces of the blue-green algae have been detected.”

The previous week, a single test detecting blue-green algae at the end of the bay of Canyon Lake prompted closing of the lake by the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association.

While recreating in the lake, it is important to remember that blue-green algae has a buoyant appearance and will form scums on the surface of the water. It is not possible to detect whether a bloom is producing toxins merely by the appearance. It is recommended to avoid areas of stagnant water where blooms are present.