Kathy, Bob Faught celebrate 50 years together


Kathy and Bob Faught are native Californians. They were both born in hospitals in Los Angeles, California. The Faughts met at a church function in Inglewood, California when Kathy was 13 years old and Bob was 15 years old. “We spent a lot of time dancing in our youth and courtship,” says Kathy.

The Faughts were married 50 years ago on June 4, 1966 in Los Angeles, California.  They have two children and three grandchildren. Their daughter, Debbie Cocanour, resides in Canyon Lake and their son, Ken Faught, resides in Corona.  Their grandchildren are 21-year-old Alyssa, 20-year-old Hannah and 12-year-old Wyatt.

Kathy and Bob both attended Brigham Young University. Kathy attended the University for two years, Bob graduated with a degree in Accounting with  minors in Business Management and Finance. Bob’s 38-year career as an internal auditor with an oil company involved a lot of domestic and international travel. During this time he also worked 36 years as a part-time reserve level-one patrol deputy for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Bob semi retired in 2005 and continued to work as a consultant for oil companies until he finally retired in 2016. Kathy loves creativity and enjoys making quilts and doing embroidery. She is also the family historian.

One of Kathy and Bob’s favorite things to do is travel. “We’ve been to New Zealand three times, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Great Britain, all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the U.S.,” says Kathy.

Because of his work with the oil industry, Bob spent a lot of time in Asia, Canada, Europe, South America, Africa, Alaska and the Gulf/Central States. As soon as the children were old enough, Kathy was able to travel with Bob on many of his domestic and foreign business trips.

The Faughts moved from Santa Ana to Canyon Lake in March 2013. Santa Ana is where they raised their family and were very active in their church. “I was the president of a women’s organization, Relief Society, that did a lot of humanitarian service,” says Kathy.

In June 2016, the Faught’s children organized a 50th wedding anniversary luncheon for their parents. The luncheon took place in the Holiday Bay Room at the Lodge where 60 of their family members, old friends and new friends from Canyon Lake gathered to celebrate them. Also in attendance were Kathy’s maid of honor, Maryanne Nybo, and Bob’s best man, Bob Cox, who they still remain close to 50 years after their wedding.

“The luncheon was meant to be a surprise, but I soon got suspicious,” says Kathy. The event was amazing to anticipate, and the memories are now precious. Our daughter Debbie was the organizer and made everything beautiful for us.”

In August of 2011, their daughter Debbie and her family move from Corona to a home they bought in Canyon Lake. Kathy and Bob soon fell in love with their daughter’s new community, and soon after that Debbie began a campaign to get her parents to move here. At their anniversary celebration, Bob surprised everyone by telling the story of their courtship and how they made their move to Canyon Lake.

Bob says, “We lived in Santa Ana 41 years; it was the first and only house we had ever owned. One day I was on a business trip in Laredo, Texas, when my son called to tell me my wife bought a house in Canyon Lake. I said, ‘Son, she didn’t buy a house. California is a community property state; you have to buy these things together and I have to sign papers and everything.’”

“My son said, ‘Dad, I have news for you, she bought a house and you’re moving to Canyon Lake. I’m sitting in Debbie’s living room with the real estate agent and she’s finalizing the purchase.’ Yes, it happened that way. Both our children were again reminded that day of just how dynamic and decisive their mother can be when she makes up her mind to do something.”

Kathy picked out a house and emailed everyone to let them know she was moving to Canyon Lake. Fortunately for Bob, the e-mail said she also invited him to move with her. Bob, in his speech at the anniversary celebration, said that at least he got an honorable mention in the escrow documents when Kathy reminded the escrow agent that, although she had bought the house, Bob was going to have to pay for it.

“I guess, after 50 years of marriage, I still serve a valuable purpose,” says Bob. Kathy says, “We love it here. We love the community, friendliness and small town feel of Canyon Lake. It is so much fun being in a community where we can ride around in our golf cart and wave to neighbors.”

The Faught’s future plans are to just enjoy the simple life living in Canyon Lake, and to do more traveling.



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