Letter: Non-Resident Golf


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

The Non-Resident Golf Memberships started on November 1st of 2015. To date we have recruited 35 new non-resident golf members (70 percent of goal). The marketing techniques we are using are working and will continue to work in years to come. We will continue to recruit until we hit our goal of 50.

I would like to thank the POA Board for its support and help during this time and especially Chris Mitchell and Tiffany Cribbs. I would also like to thank the volunteers on my Membership Committee: Tom D’Amato, Mark Holtshultz, Valerie Montgomery, Roger and Linda Kielty, Jim Lewis, Randy Schutz, George Lysak, Teresa Roberson, Colleen Williams and especially Pat Kemball and his staff in the Pro Shop.

I am asking for the support of the community with this project. We need everyone’s help! This membership program was designed to benefit all of us whether you are a golfer or not! So far, I feel that we have had very little effort outside of our committees on this project, yet so many constantly complain about the subsidies given to the Golf Course.

Please make your friends and associates outside of the community aware of our Non-Resident Golf Memberships. Have them call the Pro Shop for information about it.

I made a commitment to help this community by recruiting new non-resident golf members to increase the amount of revenue going into the Golf Course and reduce the amount of subsidies given by the POA. This is how I choose to support my community. I believe this is a community project.

Complaining, negative comments, personal attacks, and standing back watching are easy but do great harm and accomplish nothing. Please get involved and help support this effort!

Hal Stiffler