Letter: Faction of People


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

There at times seems to be a faction of people in this community that wants to establish some type of controversy. In this case, a small group did not like the decisions that our POA Board made. So, somehow they maneuvered a recall election on our members at a great cost. They lost big.

As a past board member in Downey for many years, we knew the law according to the CC&Rs. People who want their way never have a leg to stand on if there is no real concrete evidence of misconduct.

Our Board as well as Canyon Lake members have had to listen and read about propaganda in hopes that their recall would succeed. This is how these people work. Where was the proof of overspending? What law enforcement agency was contacted? We as a whole voted these people in as Board members; like it or not. We live in a democracy, and those who try to bully the rest of us to vote with them are wrong.

Now this faction is going to try to stop the Main Gate refurbishing. As long as the Board knows how much to spend on this update, and I am sure they do, we have given them the right to make this decision. We may not like all of the decisions made, but they were elected in this free society.

Paul Parque