Letter: Coyote Attacks


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Being a Canyon Lake resident myself for over 14 years, I’ve come to expect the occasional wildlife encounter. It’s always been a trade-off for escaping the overcrowded “big city” life. Residents have known to be aware out toward the North Gate and the Quail Valley/Canyon Lake property line.

I’d like to reach out to everyone and remind them that coyotes are everywhere in our community now. They are looking for prey and not scared off by humans.

My family and I own a waterfront home on Clear Water – far from any vacant, brush areas. This month I’ve witnessed two separate coyote attacks at our home, just steps from our front door.

The first attack was on my poor 12-year-old cat who was only outside a few hours a week; the second was on a goose sleeping on our boat lift! Each time there were two sets of coyotes. It was a horrible thing to see and not be able to stop.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after both attacks I learned two of my neighbors had also lost cats recently. That’s six cats combined in a few short weeks on our street! Keeping your trash dumpsters closed tightly and pet’s food indoors is not enough to detour them.

I urge everyone to keep their pets and children close. Community Patrol does not handle animal attacks and Animal Control does not dispatch out after business hours on coyote attacks on pets. As heartbreaking as it is to animal lovers like myself, pets are considered “property.” I hope this info is helpful.

Jen Bridges