Letter: Golf Memberships


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

Okay, let me get this right. The Golf Course loses about 1 million dollars a year.

This new group of people want to get 50 new golfers. Last week’s article doesn’t mention what they will charge. So let’s say 1500k per year times 50 golfers equals 75k. That still leaves $900,000 in the negative. What is going on?

Why doesn’t the Board advertise in The Friday Flyer? Because the golfers don’t want anyone to know the course is open to the public? Unbelievable.

Why don’t they also advertise the Country Club, the Lodge and, of course, the Golf Course. All are losing money but no one knows what is going on at these places because they won’t advertise in The Friday Flyer.

Scott Enochs