Letter: Insist on Honesty


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

At a recent POA meeting, Mr. Levine gave a lecture to the community regarding the conduct of members attending Board meetings. He went to great lengths to inform us that we should trust the Board to make decisions on our behalf and also decide how our money should be used.

Trust is earned through honesty, the one subject his lecture failed to cover. Sadly it has been proved that some members of this Board are lacking in their ability to be truthful, resulting in our questioning their decisions. They know who they are and so do we.

When a Board uses its power and our money to further its own agendas – whether they be personal vendettas or pet projects – it does not build trust. Directors need to be honest and fair in order for the community to trust them.

If this community sincerely wants to be united, as a certain group claims, they need to change their objectives. It is time for them to admit that they are gaining an unfair advantage by their ability to influence the Board. It is time to stop the vendettas against certain members of our community. This practice in not productive and is detrimental to achieving harmony.

Harmony was the promise of our previous board president; what happened? We need to make our decisions on honest facts. Our voices need to be heard if we feel we are not being considered and given truthful answers to our concerns. Let us insist on honesty from our Board members and maybe we can all move forward in a positive way.

At the next Board meeting, it would be helpful if Mr. Levine brought this important issue to the attention of the Board so we know it has been recognized as a problem that exists and needs to be seriously addressed publicly,

Joan Middle