Letter: A Fiesta Day Mahalo


Editor, The Friday Flyer

This year’s theme, (Fiesta Day Celebrates Hawaii Remembering Pearl Harbor), was praised by all who attended. The Canyon Lake community and their guests came out in record numbers this year. Thank you to all those who participated.

CLPOA Operations department did a great job, especially the team of Sal and Robert who put in a lot of preparation for the event. Thank you.
Thank you to the Activities department, Carrie Pratt, Samantha Bell, Val Grillo and Erica Toney, for all the ideas, collaboration and time put into this year’s event. Their help with applications, updated forms, announcement letters and parking passes helps to ensure Fiesta Day is a success.
Thank you to Tiffany Cribbs for updating our website and keeping it looking professional.
Thank you to POA General Manager Eric Kazakoff for his support and praise for all the hard work the Fiesta Day Committee put into this year’s event. Thank you to Cory Gorham and Bill for their support at this year’s event.

Thank you to volunteers Donny, Connie, Kathy, Linda and Barbara for manning the check-in booth, Mike and Alison for helping hang event signs and Menifee’s Explorers Post 76 and Lake Elsinore’s Explorers Post 297 for volunteering their time.

Thank you to the Fiesta Day Committee. The nuts and bolts behind this event are LaRue McNamara, Mike Shroyer. Roanne Grasso, Jude Donahue, Lyne Hall, Bobbi Ehlers and volunteer Harry Larson. Without their volunteerism, this year’s event would not have been possible. The time and dedication spent on this year’s event showed. Your planning, scheduling and improvement to public safety was perfectly executed. This year’s food, activities and entertainment were the best we have ever had. I look forward to working with all of you next year and want to say a sincere mahalo.

Joe Grasso,
Fiesta Day Chairperson