Voters elect O’Dell, Poland and Nathan


Jeanne O’Dell. Photo by MacKenzie Dore

The POA Board of Directors Election results are in. Jeanne O’Dell, Chris Poland and Tom Nathan have been elected to the 2019/2021 POA Board of Directors.

O’Dell and Poland replace Mike Harris and Phil Hawgood, two candidates who were hoping to be re-elected to serve another term. Incumbent Tom Nathan will return to his seat on the board to serve another two-year term.

Ninety-three percent of the prime members were eligible to vote in this year’s election. Only 26 percent voted.

Chris Poland. Photo by Donna Ritchie

The Annual Meeting of the Members and Board of Directors Election was scheduled for Thursday, May 9, in the Holiday Bay Room at the lodge. Quorum requirements were not met and the meeting was adjourned to Saturday. To meet quorum requirements, one-third of the eligible voters need to turn in their ballots. For this election, 1,495 ballots out of 4,484 were needed.

Quorum requirements were met on Saturday and the results of the election were announced at 11:30 a.m.

Final Vote Count

  • Jeanne O’Dell: 1,005 votes
  • Chris Poland: 878 votes
  • Tom Nathan: 561 votes
  • Mike Harris: 519 votes
  • Phil Hawgood: 488 votes
  • Chuck Casey: 4 (write-in)
  • Mickey Mouse: 3 (write-in)
  • Donald Trump: 3 (write-in)
  • Chuck Moreno: 2 (write-in)
  • Sara Price: 1 (write-in)

2019/2021 Board of Directors

President: Dale Welty

Vice President: Chris Poland

Treasurer: Jeanne O’Dell

Secretary: Jim Barringham

Director: Tom Nathan

IRS Ballot Measure

Tom Nathan. Photo by Donna Ritchie

The IRS Revenue Rule 70-604 Measure included on this year’s ballot would allow the CLPOA to utilize this IRS ruling to avoid taxation on excess member income. IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 allows a homeowner association to either refund or roll over excess member income that may inadvertently arise in a given tax year without paying additional taxes on that excess income. This measure specifically informed members that any excess assessment income over the POA’s expenses as defined in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 277, for the fiscal year 2019/20 shall be applied against the POA’s member assessment in the fiscal year 2020/21, as provided by the IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604.

The results of the IRS Revenue Rule 70-604 Measure are 905 for and 135 against.

Voting Eligibility

Prime members who are not in “Good Standing” with the POA are not eligible to vote in the election. To qualify as a member in “Good Standing,” members must not have unpaid fines, past due assessments, late charges, installment charges, interest or related charges and have no CC&R and Planning and Compliance violation which has been through due process and remain in a state of non-compliance.

Directors’ Goals

What are the goals of the new directors? The following goals were listed on their Candidate Statement:

Jeanne O’Dell

“One of my goals as a director would be to foster a positive sense of fellowship and pride of ownership throughout the community. In order to do so, I would work with appropriate staff and other directors to continue to maintain and enhance all community facilities and amenities through thoughtful planning and expenditures. I would also support clubs and organizations operating within the community as a means to encourage member involvement and volunteerism.”

“Another goal is to make certain that all large projects and major equipment expenditures are completed/purchased at the best value for the community. I would work with the appropriate staff and other directors to ensure that accepted industry best practices are followed when planning/obtaining bids for projects and major equipment expenditures and that projects are planned and costs are thoroughly investigated before proceeding with construction.”

“My third goal would be to continue to encourage open and truthful communications with all members of the community. I would work with the appropriate staff to make certain that website/newsletters containing project information and upcoming events are current and widely distributed. I would encourage all members to sign up for electronic notifications. I would work with staff to continue to explore other options for distributing the information in an efficient manner beneficial to all community members.”

Chris Poland

“My goals are to honor the organizational structure of our community and work with our clubs and committees to maintain and enhance all our favorite places and their availability for use; collaborate with the city and develop joint power agreements that eliminate overlap of services, improve public safety, planning, code enforcement and reduce costs; and to develop and maintain annual budgets that efficiently meet our short-term needs, adequately provide for our long-term expenses and seek new sources of revenue through economic development.”

Tom Nathan

“As your director, my goal is to continue protecting and preserving the exclusive use private community that Canyon Lake already is while helping to plan for an even better community in the years ahead.”

“As a gated community, security will always be a high priority for me. Although we have a new security contract provider, there are current issues that need improvement. Our members should feel that the security contractor is meeting or exceeding their expectations.”

The POA Board of Directors consists of five directors who are collectively responsible for the management and operation of the Canyon Lake POA’s business affairs. They work closely with the POA’s Corporate Department to ensure that POA duties and responsibilities are being carried out. The directors are elected by at-large for two-year terms. The terms are staggered with three directors in odd years and two directors in even years.