Mayor Larry Greene offers New Year message


Mayor Larry Greene. Photo provided by City of Canyon Lake

By a vote of 5-0, the Canyon Lake City Council appointed Larry Greene to the seat of mayor in December. Greene will serve as mayor for the next year, leading the city in tackling pressing topics, filling the role leading meetings and functioning as the city’s figurehead among the five elected City Council members.

“Greene was elected to the Council in 2016. His term ends in 2020. As he begins his term as mayor, Greene offers the following message to the citizens of Canyon Lake.

“I wish all the citizens of Canyon Lake a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year! I am deeply honored and grateful to serve all of you as Mayor for 2019. This new Council has seen the end of two member’s much-devoted service to the city: Vicki Warren and Dawn Haggerty.

“To both of these women, I want to express my thanks for all your service and the advice personally shared with me as I assumed my Council seat.

“Two new council members have been elected, and I will describe both of them as bright, energetic and devoted to serving our community. I truly am excited to work with both Kasey and Jeremy.

“I have been a resident of Canyon Lake for 41 years. I have seen the numerous changes, failures and successes that have transpired. The knowledge of the history of this community will be beneficial to guide its future.

“The demographics have changed and must be addressed so that all, young and old, will be served and represented.

“Here in Canyon Lake, we have a unique combination of a city government and a strong Property Owners Association.

“I believe these two components must work together. I am making  a New Year’s goal to accomplish a more cohesive, responsive and interactive relationship between the POA and the city. Developing an open pathway of communication with each other is essential to benefit our community as a whole.

“Seated as a new councilman in 2016, I began to learn from the leadership of the mayor and my fellow Council men and woman about the inner workings of our city’s government. My education continued and has broadened as mayor pro tem, enabling me to form many valuable relationships with surrounding cities, the county and the state.

“Now, as your Mayor, I will continue to broaden those relationships, showcasing Canyon Lake as an important and contributing part of the region and the state.

“I am very proud of our citizens for passing Measure S. I will work with my fellow council members to ensure the continued highest levels of public safety in our community.

“My wish is to serve as your mayor in an open and responsive manner. I will hear your concerns and consider your suggestions and input. I, along with all of the City Council, want to represent each and every one of you in 2019 to make Canyon Lake the best “Little bit of Paradise” possible for all of its residents.”