Letters: Club Pool Use


Editor, The Friday Flyer

I am the president of the Canyon Lake Travel Club. Earlier this year, I received a call from POA Director Tom Nathan. He informed me that although we had requested the use of the pool area for our annual “around the pool” dance, it would no longer be available for our club because our club could not inconvenience so many Canyon Lakers that would use the pool at that time. He also told me this had been determined a year ago and said they had dropped the ball for not letting us know. Since we have used the pool for this event since 2002, it was quite a surprise to us. We had no other option but to have the dance inside the lodge. Our normal “around the pool” attendance is 120 to 140. This year we had 89 people.

I wrote the each of the POA board members following our dance, showing a picture of the pool area with two people in the pool and no one else around the area. Since I was never contacted, nor was anyone else on our board, I asked if they made all their rules without first making a background check into what the problems might be. I have not received an answer from them. Since we have used the pool for the past 16 years without a problem, I think the question should have been answered. Our 333 members, who are also Canyon Lake property owners, would like to know.

Marlene Cathro