Letter: Equestrian Center


Editor, The Friday Flyer

CL residents were notified last week that they were no longer welcome at our equestrian center.

There have been a few women in the past who would like to make our center their private barn.

I’ve lived in Canyon Lake for 40 years and brought my first horse here in 1978. I have paid assessments and horse board for all those years.

The equestrian center is an amenity just like the golf course, tennis courts and pool. We own it, it is funded out of our fees and we have a right to visit it.

The rules are plainly stated at the barn and are strictly enforced. If you are not happy with the level of security, you have two choices: hire your own security or remove your horse. We allow you to board your horse at our center and we have rules too. We are to be treated politely as long as we don’t bother your horse. Luis strictly enforces all rules and will order anyone who misbehaves to leave.

This ban cannot stand. It is not fair to CL residents or the little children who love horses and love to visit. It is not fair to parents and grandparents who like to bring their children and grandchildren to visit the horses. It is not fair to people like myself who have paid thousands and thousands of dollars to fund the equestrian center. It is your center, you can’t be banned for no reason. The same goes for the pool, golf course and tennis courts. Call your board members and let them know they can’t do this. It is a lawsuit waiting to be filed. We will be back to 2012 and all the problems that were created.

Sharon Whelan