Welty, Barringham elected to CLPOA Board


Quorum was met on Thursday, May 10, with the Annual Meeting of the Members and Election of the Directors. The number of members in good standing and entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting was 4,620. With 1,581 ballots received, a quorum of at least one-third of the voting power was obtained.

After the votes were tallied and the meeting reconvened, it was announced that the two candidates elected to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors were incumbent Dale Welty with 1,038 votes and Jim Barringham with 1,012 votes.

Other votes included 937 votes for Dudley Thompson, two votes for Mickey Mouse, two votes for Paul Queen and one vote for Chuck Moreno.

The IRS Revenue Ruling measure passed with 1,190 for and 221 against.

There were two Advisory Votes on the ballot. The All-Inclusive Assessment Structure Advisory Vote is meant to gauge the community’s interest in a streamlined fee structure that would eliminate fees for golf cart and vessel registration decals, facility use fees for lake and golf and POA sponsored instructional activities fees. It would include an estimated $400 annual dining/bar credit at the POA restaurants. The increase to current membership dues under this proposed structure is estimated to be $560 annually or $47 monthly. The results of this Advisory Vote are as follows:

For: 381

Against: 1,077

The Community Patrol Advisory Vote is meant to help understand the community’s number one priority when evaluating Community Patrol decisions. The results of this Advisory Vote are as follows:

Convenience (ease of access and relaxed gate policies): 283

Cost Savings (take significant cost-saving measures): 623

High Priority (high level of Community Patrol services and strict control): 1,026

Not counted towards quorum were 54 envelopes that were submitted without signatures and 27 envelopes where name signed did not match Prime Member name. Also not counted were three envelopes that did not follow proper double envelope system, three envelopes that contained multiple ballot envelopes inside, 10 ballots where the number of votes exceeded amount allotted for the Election of Directors and 14 ballots where votes could not be determined.

After the election results were announced, the members of the board voted among themselves to name the following officers for 2018-19: President Michael Harris, Vice-President Phil Hawgood, Secretary Dale Welty, Treasurer Tom Nathan and Director Jim Barringham. The five-member Board of Directors are collectively responsible for the management and operation of the CLPOA’s business affairs. The board members are elected for staggered two-year terms.

The next Regular Session Board Meeting will be held June 5 in the Holiday Bay Room at the lodge. Meetings are televised on Spectrum Channel 29 and Verizon Channel 39.