City to conduct Disaster Response Drill May 12


The City of Canyon Lake, along with the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee (CLEPC) and the support of the POA, will be conducting an internal city-wide Disaster Response Drill on an earthquake disaster scenario on Saturday, May 12, from 8 a.m. to approximately 11 a.m.

Assigned staff of all levels will be participating to help assess the city’s response to a disaster situation by determining the response levels to various tasks; the activation of the Emergency Operations Center, communication amongst City, POA, and CLEPC staff and the response to various scenarios that would be more than likely susceptible to the City of Canyon Lake. The non-public event will take place at the city’s Emergency Operations Center, located at Fire Station 60 on Vacation Drive. Assessment teams from the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee will be out in the field conducting various assigned tasks as given.

The main objective for the drill is to ensure the city has the most efficient and effective response in place to a disaster or unusual occurrence in the city, with the purpose of protecting life, restoring order, protecting property and the environment, and facilitating recovery in accordance with guidelines established by the city’s Emergency Operations Plan.