Residential Directories are arriving in mailboxes


The 2018 Canyon Lake Residential Directory will start showing up in mailboxes today and over the next few days. In keeping with the times, the directory lists not only residents’ landlines but also the cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses of every member of the family, if residents wish. Inclusion in the directory is strictly voluntary.

The Canyon Lake Directory has always been more than a phone book – it’s a handbook for the community, containing sections on the POA, the city, the Chamber of Commerce, local amenities, clubs and schools, while also devoting a section to emergency preparedness geared specifically for Canyon Lake.

The cover of this year’s directory is a photo of the dam by photographer Doug Bailey, who has been a source of many scenic photos submitted to The Friday Flyer and featured in Photo of the Week.

Canyon Lakers are encouraged to take a look at this year’s book and make changes, corrections or additions and submit to The Friday Flyer for next year’s directory. Newcomers to Canyon Lake are also encouraged to submit their information.

Photo by Donna Ritchie