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The CLPOA has a five-member Board of Directors who are collectively responsible for the management and operation of the CLPOA’s business affairs. The Board of Directors are elected by at-large for staggered two-year terms. Elections are held in May of each year.

Two of the five seats on the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association Board of Directors are up for election on May 10 when the two-year terms of Paul Queen and Dale Welty expire.

The following individuals turned in their “Intent to Run” packet and announced their candidacy for the 2018/2020 Board of Directors. Their names appear in the order drawn by official lottery as they will appear on the ballot:

  1. Dale Welty
  2. Dudley Thompson
  3. Jim Barringham

In the week’s leading up to the election, The Friday Flyer will feature a series of questions to the candidates. During this period, residents will have a chance to hear directly from the candidates and learn what they hope to accomplish if elected to serve a two-year term on the Board of Directors. This week, The Friday Flyer features the candidates’ resume of qualifications, written in their own words.

Dale Welty

Photo by Donna Ritchie.

“I have been a resident of Canyon Lake since 1988. The success of our community and the future of Canyon Lake is very important to me and my family. My sons were born and raised here.

My wife, Kellie, is active in the community. She served on the Community Patrol, Recreation and the Parks and Beaches Committees. Kellie is currently on the Santa Rosa School Board and is also a columnist for The Friday Flyer’s Pet column. My step-son is a Canyon Lake homeowner and serves in the U.S. Navy.

I am currently serving on the POA Board of Directors. My most important accomplishment while serving on the Board of Directors was the reorganization of the upper management team that relieved the general manager of many of his daily responsibilities. This allowed the general manager to focus on completing projects in the association, such as the front fountain, pickleball courts and the new rental docks.

I have a long history of contributing to the betterment of Canyon Lake. I served as chairman of the Recreation, Youth Action and Tennis Facility Committees and a member of the Facilities Review, Finance, Lake Lease Litigation and Activities Committee. I am currently the Board Liaison to the Recreation, Tuesday Work Group and Lake Dredge Committees.

I have been an appraiser for the Veterans Affairs (VA) for over 25 years. Researching and interpreting market data and applying that information to determine the value of real estate is my primary job as a real estate appraiser.

I am very concerned about our community’s real estate values and how that reflects on the overall health of our community. One of my goals will be to forward policies that balance the desires of the individual members and at the same time protect and enhance Canyon Lake property values.

We need to make sure our amenities are well maintained and updated in order to assure that Canyon Lake remains a place to live for people who desire to live in an upscale and modern community. A community that is well maintained and provides a wide range of amenities and activities for all ages will be more desirable and ultimately increase property values.

I also believe it is time to look to restarting the Lake Dredge project. The lake is our most important asset and it will need to be dredged in order to maintain great recreational use and improve the over all health of the lake.”

Dudley Thompson

Dudley Thompson

“My wife Judy and I moved to Canyon Lake in 1999. Prior to Canyon Lake, I lived in many places during my US Air Force career before I retired as a Colonel and Viet Nam combat pilot.

Following my Air Force retirement with a Bachelor of Science in Aero Engineering and a Master of Science in Systems Management, I worked for an aerospace contractor in the areas of cost control, scheduling and technical performance on contracts with the federal government. During my working careers, I acquired and utilized management and cost control experience that I can put to work for the POA.

When we moved to Canyon Lake we took advantage of the many amenities this “Bit of Paradise” has to offer. We spent countless hours at the equestrian center watching a grandchild learn how to ride and use the equestrian center facilities.

We had a boat on Canyon Lake where nieces, nephews and grandchildren learned to water ski and wakeboard. Both my wife and I are golfers, so we became involved with the activities at the Canyon Lake Country Club.

Some of my most rewarding experiences in Canyon Lake have come when I was involved in giving back to the community. On Tuesday mornings, I spend time with the Tuesday Work Group sanding fairways, trimming bushes, repairing cart paths and other tasks that maintain the golf course and save the POA money.

As a member of the POA appointed Green Committee, I’m involved in reviewing and assuring the golf course is maintained in the most efficient and cost productive manner. The golf course is our second largest amenity and one of the major reasons people move to Canyon Lake. It must be properly maintained to protect and enhance property value throughout the community.

As past president of the Men’s Golf Club, I’ve been involved with the many projects the Canyon Lake Association of Past Presidents has provided to the golf course, including the recent vintage clock near the first tee and putting green.

During the last four years I served on the POA Finance Committee, the last two as chairman. Serving on the Finance Committee provided me with insight to all of the financial workings of the POA. This experience will be helpful as Canyon Lake turns 50 years old and addresses the future needs and fiscal requirements of our community.

I’ve experienced first-hand many of the amenities Canyon Lake has to offer. I’ve taken advantage of many of the activities, from participating in the Fiesta Day Parade to attending Fine Arts Guild concerts and dining at both the country club and lodge.

Now I’m ready to take the next step and put my life experiences, training and talents to work as a member of the POA Board of Directors.

I’ll work for and with you to make certain that Canyon Lake remains that ‘Bit of Paradise’ we all want. I welcome your support and vote and thank you for your consideration of my candidacy.”

Jim Barringham

Photo by Donna Ritchie

“My Information Technology career began in 1968, with most of my work experience having been in health care. Some of the positions I have held are: System Analyst, Software Developer, Director of Information Technology, and IT Consultant.

My wife Gyan and I have been homeowners since May 2009. I am the current president of the Canyon Lake Tennis Club and serve on the Canyon Lake Recreation Committee. We are active members of the Tennis Club, Pickleball Club and Car Club.

I want to represent all home owners by listening to their needs and concerns, then communicating this to our POA Board and coming up with positive solutions. I am a fiscal conservative that does not believe in wasting the homeowners’ money. I will always be looking at ways to economize. I am a firm believer that enhancing our amenities will increase our property value.

I know as the Tennis Club president, we are putting emphasis on building youth programs, after school programs and programs for parents that want to home school their children. In the Recreation Committee, I deal with all activities in the community, both children and adult.

I am result oriented, so I will look for input from all homeowners in our community on amenities they believe would be of value to our community and act on behalf of those wishes.

Since moving to Canyon Lake there has been so much talk about the issues relating to our golf course. I do believe that our golf course is a great amenity and closing the golf course would not be in the best interest of our community. It would not only decrease our property value but it would also take away a great amenity in our community that is loved by so many residents.

I would love the opportunity to work with the golf community in building a 10-year plan, so our golf community would not have the stress and anxiety in dealing with this issue every year.

I have asked myself why would a non-political person, like myself, be running for an open Board of Director position? The simple answer is to use my business skills and life experience to continue to build a better community for all our homeowners.”

Meet the Candidates

Speak to the Candidates: Monday, Apr. 9, 7 to 9 p.m. at the lodge. This event is sponsored by multiple community groups.

Meet the Candidates: Saturday, Apr. 14, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the senior center. This event is sponsored by the Senior Work Group.

Meet the Candidates: Tuesday, Apr. 24, 6 to 8 p.m. at the country club. This event is hosted by the Canyon Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Election Calendar

Sunday, Mar. 11: Election signs can be posted. POA election signs can only be placed in the community setback in the 60-day period prior to the election in accordance with the POA Election Sign Policy.

Monday, Mar. 19: Member of Record Date. Determines members entitled to meeting notice and eligibility to vote (Corp. Code §7611).

Tuesday, Apr. 5: Notice of Annual Meeting, Candidate Statements and Secret Ballot will be mailed to Prime Members. Civil code requires they be sent out at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members.

Monday, May 4: Last day it’s recommended a homeowner mail a ballot.

Thursday, May 10: Annual Meeting of the Members and Election of Directors at the lodge at 8 a.m. Ballots may be dropped off between 8 and 9 a.m.

Saturday, May 12: Alternate Adjourned Annual Meeting Date (time to be determined) if quorum is not met on May 10.

The 2018 Inspector of Elections will be Nicole Ganz Jamal with HOA Elections of California, Inc. Ballot questions should be directed to HOA Elections of California, Inc. at 888-589-8683 or


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