Bonds we make shape us into who we become


In life, we go on and make bonds with the people we grow up with to the pets we look after. Bonds made from time and care for the ones we hold dear to our hearts can bring both happiness and pain.

Time allows bonds to be created but also can take away the one you’ve created the bond with. A dear friend of mine had a dog named Carmel. She had her since she was a child, growing up with her throughout her school life, taking care of it and strengthening the relationship between them. They had a strong bond and experienced many happy times together. In time, Carmel passed away. With that, comes the pain from having to say goodbye.

I myself cannot relate to losing a pet that I’ve taken care of most of my life but I understood from the tears coming from her eyes that it hurts. What I can relate to is losing a family member, another example of how a strong bond brings happiness but sometimes unbelievable pain.

Ashley Aceves was my cousin by blood but a sister through the bond we shared. We grew up in the same house for years, went to the same school and played in the same yard. Unfortunately, she was born with a failing heart that led to her needing a heart transplant. I didn’t know until later that the life expectancy for heart transplant patients is approximately 15 years. Ashley passed away at the young age of 19.

The memories and bond we shared will remain with me forever. One of my favorite memories happened when we were in elementary school. It snowed the night before, so the cars and grass were layered with an inch of snow.

While we waited for the bus, we had ourselves a snowball fight (though the snow we threw didn’t resemble much of a ball) and it was an unforgettable experience.

The experiences I have gone through and the bonds I’ve made are what make me who I am today. One of the bonds that impacted my life the most was the bond with Ashley.

Experience is the best way to learn something. The bonds we create, whether it be with an animal or another person, are a part of our growth. Whether it is the bond between a girl and her dog or between two cousins, experience teaches us and we learn from the journey.

Everyone has a different type of bond with one another and with each person, a new lesson and a new experience can be gained. In the end, the people around us, the bonds we share, help shape us into who we are.


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