RFID to be installed at north gate on Monday


The POA is adding a RFID reader to the decal lane at the north gate on Monday. The guest lane will be closed for at least 24 hours to complete the project. Residents should advise their guests to use the main gate or east gate.

Residents with transponders may use the RFID lanes at all three gates, allowing residents quicker access to the community.

The transponders are available at the POA office for $10 per transponder. Members who wish to purchase a transponder will need to bring their vehicle to the POA office along with the following items:

  • Current vehicle registration (must be registered to a community member).
  • Photo identification (POA card or driver’s license).
  • Payment of $10. per transponder (no cash).

Once payment is received, a POA staff member will install the transponder on the vehicle. Members who do not bring their vehicle to the POA office cannot be issued a transponder.

The RFID transponder does not have to be replaced on an annual basis. However, members must provide annual registration to reactivate the transponder.