POA unveils new logos as part of Branding Initiative


The POA unveiled its new logo. The rebranding of the logo is part of the POA’s Branding Initiative which is aimed at creating a defined identity and brand for the POA. The new logo was presented to the community at the Regular Session Board Meeting on Tuesday.

According to the POA, the new logo has been designed in such a way to unify the POA’s sub-brands, such as amenities and departments, under one master brand.

The iconic lighthouse is the focal point of the new logo featuring waves below to represent the unique lifestyle of the lake community.

New logos have also been developed for both the Lighthouse Restaurant & Bar and Canyon Lake Country Club.

The logo design will be featured on the new main gate entry monuments, which are expected to be completed by the beginning of the year.

The POA will immediately begin using the new logo on multiple digital media outlets used by the POA and phase out the old logo on other items such as print material, clothing, decals and signage.

The POA, incorporated in 1968, will celebrate its 50 anniversary next year. The new design will also be utilized in the development of the 50-year logo that will be used to celebrate the momentous occasion.

In addition to the new logo, the POA announced that it is in the process of making repairs and enhancements to return the lighthouse to its original glory. The lighthouse, originally constructed in late 1968, has become a symbolic beacon within the community.

This rebrand will be accompanied by a new POA website that will be launched in early  2018. The new website will be mobile friendly, feature user-friendly navigation, personalized tools and resources along with a modern design that reflects the POA’s identity. For more information, contact visit canyonlakepoa.com or call 951-244-6841. For questions about current and upcoming POA projects, email projects@canyonlakepoa.com.