Canyon Lake Men’s Golf Club announces tournament winners


The Canyon Lake Men’s Golf Club held its Paradise Classic Member Guest Tournament on Sept. 9. Fifty-four players participate in 18-holds of golf followed by a horse race. Dinner and awards were held at the country club. The first place winners are as follows:

Flight 1 Gross:

Koby Mora and Bob Jacobson.

Fight 1 Net:

Rod Thompson and Steve Mccain.

Fight 2 Gross:

Todd Theodora and Sam Theodora.

Flight 2 Net:

David Campbell and John Campbell.

Flight 3 Gross:

Rick Potter and Bob Bowne.

Flight 3 Net:

Cedric Coleman and Joe Strong.

The Canyon Lake Men’s Golf Club is presently 280 members strong. Members meet for play every Wednesday morning. Signups are taken in the Magnolia Room at the country club between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m. In addition to Wednesday games, the club sponsors eight major tournaments throughout the year. Dues include membership in the Southern California Golf Association. Canyon Lake residents and property owners age 18 and older are eligible.

The club has added a Junior membership division for males under the age of 18. For more information, call Membership Director Greg Brack at 951-570-1239.