Letter: Thank You


Editor, The Friday Flyer

On behalf of The Canyon Lake Fine Arts Guild, thank you to our wonderful community for supporting The Guild’s first ever concert at Holiday Harbor Park. After 16 years of providing quality entertainment at an affordable price, this free concert was our way of giving back to the people of our community.

The Junior Women’s Club and Family Matter’s Club were especially supportive with the pre-concert celebration, while the Canyon Lake Emergency Preparedness Committee was on hand to address a medical emergency. The POA was extremely helpful in offering their experience as well as leading the coordination of many critical operations.

We thank the City of Canyon Lake and the County of Riverside for their guidance as well as the many vendors who offered their popular products and services at the event. A special thanks goes to The Lake Elsinore Storm who sent their mascot “Thunder” to thrill the early attendees. We appreciate “Moon Shot” who rocked the early hours and “Little Lies Band” recreating “Fleetwood Mac’s” most iconic tunes for the spirited audience.

Mostly, we thank the thousand people of Canyon Lake who attended and enjoyed this memorable event in the park and in their boats without a single police or patrol incident. Interestingly, when everyone departed, there was no litter anywhere; you people rock. The Guild does this because we love music and love our “Little Bit of Paradise.” Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

Ron Martel
Guild Program Director