Canyon Laker to appear on ABC’s Steve Harvey’s Funderdome


Canyon Laker Anton Riniti, also known as “Chef Anton,” will be appearing on ABC’s Steve Harvey’s Funderdome on Sunday at 9 p.m. Anton will be competing against another contestant for seed money to help fund BeanBagglz, a game he developed and patented. He’s already secured a name for himself and built his brand as “Chef Anton” the magician, entertainer and motivational speaker, now he’s making a name for himself as inventor.

Steve Harvey’s Funderdome is a seed-funding competition reality series where two fledgling entrepreneurs go head-to-head to convince a studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies. In this competition the entrepreneurs make a pitch to real people in the audience who then vote for their favorite. The entrepreneurs must then make the difficult decision to either cash out and take a lesser amount or continue on and hope the majority of the audience votes for their idea, product or company to win the whole cash prize. If they hold out for the entire prize amount, they risk losing it all if the audience did not choose their idea, product or company.

Funderdome approached Anton after seeing his product on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site. He was asked to be a contestant and pitch his product BeanBagglz to the Funderdome audience. Anton describes his product as, “The world’s first bean bag game with interchangeable templates, built in storage bin, wheels and convertible table.”

While Anton wasn’t able to disclose the results until the show airs this Sunday, he was able to describe his experience. “The staff on Funderdome were great, as was Steve Harvey,” said Anton. “Chef Anton is a character I created, but on Funderdome I am myself, not my character. I am vulnerable. This is my baby, that I labored three years on,  being judged.”

BeanBagglz is a unique tossing game with over 300 game variations. The templates enable players to play games like football, billiards, golf, poker and educational games. “Anyone from three years old and up can enjoy this game,” said Anton. “Compact and portable, BeanBagglz is ideal for tailgate parties, kids parties, camping, beaches, competitions and get-togethers with family and friends.”

Anton said he created BeanBagglz to help bring families together. “So many kids are tied to their electronic devices and all you see is the top of their heads. It is my global mission to get kids off the couch and interacting as a family,” said Anton.

Quality of the final product was Anton’s foremost concern. “We could have come out with the product a year ago, but the quality didn’t meet my standards,” said the inventor. “Now we have a quality product that will last generations.”

BeanBagglz self-containing console is made of high density plastic and is engineered and manufactured by a well known baby product manufacturer. Wheels attached to the console are three-inches. Interchangeable templates are made of PVC. The bean bags are a billiard shaped bag made with a durable outer polyester bag, an inner plastic bag and filled with high quality sand. “The high quality and durability allows the game to be played inside or outside and in any type of weather,” said Anton.

Sold in bundles, customers can choose from pre-set bundles or create custom bundles, giving customers more flexibility. The Starter Pack bundle is $149. Other packs include the Party Pack, Deluxe Pack and Ultimate Pack.

Templates are two-sided and offer a variety of games. There are 33 templates to choose from, categorized by adult, educational, sports, strategic and kids and family. Additional templates and accessory add-ons, such as chess, checkers, backgammon, dice, a nylon accessory carrying bag, triangle bean bags and a magic trick called Bagglz Bewilderment, can be purchased separately.

Anton said he has been approached by several large retailers who are interested in carrying his invention. He is currently in negotiations.

Anton said, “He will always see himself as an entertainer and motivational speaker even it his product takes off.”

Anton has been practicing magic since the age of four. He turned professional in 1989. The two-time U.S.A. Trick Shot champion of pool and award winning close-up stage magician was the first billiard trick shot artist to be invited to perform at the Magic Castle. He’s also consulted on magic and billiards for several major networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

In addition to performing magic, this jack of all trades is the author of “Cook with Love and Serve Family Style.” The book is filled with recipes from family and friends, many of which have been kept secret for generations, along with original recipes developed by Anton at the Culinary Institute of America.

For more information about BeanBagglz, visit or contact Anton at (909) 559-0735 or