Canyon Lake Golf Course bunkers in need of repairs


The Canyon Lake Golf Course consists of 43 bunkers. These bunkers have exceeded the five to seven years life-time expectancy and are in need of repair. The sand and drainage was last done in July 2009.

Years of edging expand or shrink the bunkers causing them to lose their shape. According to the POA, the current state of the bunkers is a hard-packed surface which limits playability to the golfer.

Re-shaping the bunkers to their original shape will enhance irrigation coverage and prevent excess water from entering each bunker, preserving the life and optimal playing conditions of the bunkers.

At the June 6 board meeting, the board approved $198,007.65 to refurbish all 43 bunkers. The funds will come from repair and replace reserve item 1006 and 1007. Reserve has $256,000 at worst case for both items.

The POA contracted Sunrise Golf Construction for the project. The construction company will be reshaping the bunkers to their original shape, clearing drains and making necessary drainage an irrigation repairs. New SCGA sand will also be added.

The construction on the bunkers was scheduled to begin on June 19 and is expected to last approximately three months.

Work will start on holes 10 and 11. From there, work will begin on holes one through 18 in numerical order.

The golf course will remain open during construction. The POA said workers will try not to interfere with play. However, there may be small delays in play due to the work being done. For construction inquiries, call 951-244-6841, ext. 510.