City council to appoint new mayor June 1


Due to Mayor Dawn Haggerty’s resignation during a specially-scheduled council meeting on April 26, the Canyon Lake City Council will be tasked with appointing a new mayor at the city council meeting on June 1. Dawn did not resign as a member of the council.

Dawn resigned from her position as mayor after an Ad Hoc Reimbursement Committee said it found several mistakes in some of the reimbursements she had submitted. The mistakes, it said, included lack of proper documentation and errors on reimbursement forms that resulted in her being overpaid for some of these expenses.

Vicki Warren, the mayor pro tem going into the April 26 meeting, has assumed the duties of mayor until the council officially appoints a mayor at the next city council meeting.

If the council elects to appoint Vicki as mayor, the council will also elect a new mayor pro tem at the meeting. The council also has the option of electing a new mayor pro tem whether or not Vicki is appointed mayor.

Any person wishing to address the city council at its monthly meeting on any matter within the jurisdiction of the city, whether or not it appears on the monthly agenda, is asked to complete a “Speaker Request Form” at the meeting. The completed form is to be submitted to the city clerk prior to an individual being heard by the council.

The city council has adopted a time limitation of three minutes per person. If commenting on an agenda item, comments will be heard at the time that particular item is scheduled on the agenda.

For anyone addressing the city council on items not on the agenda, the Brown Act does not allow discussion of such items. Therefore, the city council may only do the following: refer the matter to staff, ask for additional information or request a report back, or give a very limited factual response.

City council meetings are televised live at Time Warner Channel 29 and Verizon Channel 39.


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