Letter: Pot Shop


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

As the City Council moves closer to dealing with the potential establishment of a pot shop in Canyon Lake, I have, in a recent letter to The Friday Flyer, suggested the City Council wait a year or two and watch how neighboring cities deal with the pot shop issue.

I would further suggest that as they consider to approve or not approve such a shop in Canyon Lake Town Center, they poll the merchants on how they would react to a store in their midst.

Further, I suggest they query the Chamber of Commerce for a response. In a recent editorial in the Press Enterprise it quotes J. D. Tuccille, writing in Reason.com, that high marijuana taxes in Colorado have driven customers back to the Black Market which is flourishing. Other media reports chronicle the difficulty states and communities are having developing regulations to control the myriad issues they face.

A simple way for our City Council to avoid these problems is to deny a permit for such a shop in Canyon Lake.

Ken Cable