Mike and Marga Kidd travel to Cuba with best friends


On Sunday, January 22, Mike and Marga Kidd took off from Miami, Florida, on a Fathom Adonia Cruise Ship with their best friends, Mike and Linda Hewitt, to visit Cuba for a week. The ports they visited were Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, and Old Havana. “We wanted to visit before there were any major changes made there,” says Marga.

The Kidds brought softballs with them to give away.

The Kidds in Cuba.

Marga says, “What a wonderful trip for those interested in politics, religion, different cultures and cars.  To see time stopped from the late 1950s was incredible. What was once the stomping ground of the rich and famous left behind with the Revolution.

We spend thousands on vintage cars here to restore them, then we shelter and take great care of them, but not in Cuba. There they are daily drivers. All these years, taking care of what you have, maybe pieced together with parts from Russia. Many of these cars are now making a lot of money for their owners by providing rides as taxis. The average pay for a Cuban might be 30 CUCs (equivalent to $30) per month. So many generations of families live together to make ends meet. We paid 80 CUCs for two hours being taxied around town in a beautiful 1951 Chevy convertible, so you see how these cars are now really helping them with tourism and making a difference for them financially. We paid in two hours what they make in two and half months. The Kidds found the Cubans to be happy, friendly, prideful and clean. “Whether dancing or singing, it seems they strived to do their best. I am glad we went to visit Cuba before it changed.”