Help support Winter Social for special needs students


Elsinore High School is seeking donations for its Winter Social for students with special needs. The Winter Social will be held at the Diamond Club at Storm Stadium on Tuesday, January 31.

With the help of Canyon Lake resident Nancy Coughlin, Winter Social Organizer Dawn Guilders is on a mission to raise $1,000. to help cover the cost of the event.

Dawn says, “Holidays can be quite stressful for children with disabilities which can limit the family’s opportunities for celebrations.  Loud music, colorful decorations and large crowds can add to the day to day struggles students already face on a regular basis.  The Winter Social offers families a chance to celebrate with their children in a stress free environment.  With the support staff and the help and support of  the Diamond Club employees, students are able to celebrate in a safe, non-judgmental environment.”

Dawn says many parents have said to her that they do not go out to eat for fear of being judged by their child’s table manners or loud vocalizations, or the possibility their child may leave their table and run to someone else’s.

“Our night together at the Winter Social gives families a chance to enjoy being out together and also to meet some other families too, without the anxiety they may normally feel. And we have a blast celebrating!” says Dawn.

The first annual Elsinore High School Winter Social was held in 2005. This holiday event was first started for the families of the special needs students at Elsinore High School. Last year, and again this year, the school extended an invitation to the special needs students at Temescal Canyon High School. “The more the merrier!” says Dawn.

The Canyon Lake Lioness Club recently contributed $250 towards this event. Nancy and Dawn are trying to raise the remaining $750 to help cover the cost of the food, entertainment and venue.

To make a donation towards this event call Nancy at 951-805-0543 or email