Receive alerts with CodeRed notifications


The City of Canyon Lake has an emergency notification system called CodeRED, which will alert each resident by phone or e-mail in the event of an emergency.

The ultra high-speed telephone communication service allows the City to telephone all or targeted areas in case of an emergency, such as drinking water contamination, utility outage, evacuation notice, missing person, road closures, fires, floods, law enforcement activities that may impact the City, chemical spills and gas leaks where rapid and accurate notification is essential for public safety.

The system is capable of dialing a high volume of phone per hour and delivering a recorded message to a person or an answering machine. The system is ideal for residents who may not be watching television or listening to the radio when an emergency message is issued. The system also can call cell phones and send e-mails.

Since the initiation of the system, many Canyon Lake residents have changed their phone numbers or gone strictly to cell phones. The City wants to make sure that everyone is in the database and will be contacted in the case of an emergency.”

That is why City officials urge residents to take a few minutes and sign up for the service online on the City’s website at The short online form asks for information about alternate phone numbers, e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers.

Although residents can opt not to receive emergency notifications, City officials recommend that everyone participate. Those who previously have signed up and haven’t made changes to their contact information don’t need to sign up again.