Here are Community and Marine Patrol Stats


Community safety and security is a high priority for the Association. The City, Riverside Sheriff’s Department and the Association all work closely to provide the residents of Canyon Lake with a safe community.

Securitas Account Manager Jay Cregeen presented the Community Patrol and Marine Patrol reports for October.

Community Patrol

Community Patrol answered 359 calls for service with a response time of six minutes, logged 20,500 miles and issued 86 citations and zero warnings.

Patrol issued 48 citations for parking violations, nine speeding citations, two failure to stop for a school bus citations, one stop sign citation and seven miscellaneous citations. Four citations were issued for verbal abuse, seven were issued for failure to comply and three were issued for animal related violations. Five identification for access control citations were issues. All five were issued to members, not guests. .

There were 16 incident reports. Of those, 6 were for gate arm damage (five at the Main Gate, one at the North Gate. One vandalism and one graffiti incidents were reported. Other incidents include a broken lock, lake contamination, property damage and traffic accidents.

Marine Patrol

Marine Patrol logged 428.5 boat engine hours and 12.6 escorted hours. One violation citation was issued. There were 15 boat inspections, 58 fishing license/permit checks and 17 boat tows.

Marine Patrol issued 11 quarantine tags (red) and 27 service seals (white). There was one AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species Inspection) “Quagga” inspection.

For questions or concerns regarding daily community safety or security issues, email Sr. Manager of Member Services Cory Gorham at or 951-244-6841.