Homecoming: a great time and good memories


Homecoming is defined as “an instance of coming home.” However, in high school, it is a celebration of past alumni coming back to remember their high school years. This school year marks the 125th anniversary of Elsinore High School, so there are plenty of alumni.

Homecoming is the first majorly important time of year to be in ASB. We all have to pitch in to build the homecoming floats, get ready for the game and get the venue ready for the dance.

The theme for Elsinore’s homecoming celebration was Cirque de’ Elsinore. So, different from a lot of traditional themes, everything was bright and exciting. A great thing about the circus theme is that there are so many elements to a circus or carnival.

Every class had a different sub-theme for their float at the halftime show. Since I am the Sophomore Class President, I was in charge of my class’s homecoming float. The theme that we chose for our float was a creepy funhouse. Since Halloween is coming soon, I think that was a great theme.

The process of building the float can be really stressful because people have conflicting schedules. It’s hard to get enough people together at the same time and on the same day to actually get a lot of work done.

We got a budget to spend at Home Depot for all of our supplies. From there we created an entire homecoming float to parade around the track during the halftime show. We worked on it for weeks, and it was a ton of work. In high school, a lot of homework is given on the weekends, so when we worked on the float all day, we had to cram our homework into the early morning and late at night.

When building the float, people in our Sophomore class were welcome to come help build  with us. It was really fun getting to know some people better while getting covered in paint. Some students in ASB with me, who I really did not know before this year, are now good friends of mine because we shared this experience.

The great thing about giving an entire grade the task of making the float was that I needed to find people who have certain skills and assets, and bring them together to make something great. I had to find someone with a trailer to build the float on, someone with a truck to pull the float and drive on the track, people with artistic skills (I have none) and more people who were willing to sacrifice their free time to help make our homecoming great. I’ve had to ask for things from people I didn’t know, which I think has been a great experience for me. I am shy when meeting new people, but I had to get over that and do my best to get everything together.

Our homecoming dance was held at Mulligan Family Fun Center and was incredible this year. We had free access to all the ride and games. I think having a dance at a place like this is a great idea because a lot of kids don’t go to homecoming because they don’t want to dance. At Mulligan, the people who want to dance can dance, but others can get a group of friends and go play arcade games, miniature golf or laser tag.

The dance started Friday at 8 p.m. We arrived at 7:30 p.m. to try to beat the line. However, that didn’t work out so well because there was already a long line forming when we arrived.

We stood in line and talked until we got into the dance at around 8:10 p.m. We went straight to the food when we got inside. Everyone was really excited to get in and get to the dance floor or the go-carts. But we were there for the food.

There was a huge table set up with platters of cookies and cake, and a giant stack of pizzas. After we ate our fill, we went out and played a game of laser tag with a big group of friends.

After that, we went played miniature golf, which mainly just consisted of randomly hitting the ball, without taking turns, until we made it in the hole, which then turned into just bowling the golf ball into the hole. By the time the dance was over, we were all exhausted from our night of fun. I couldn’t wait to get to bed.

Homecoming is an amazing event for our school. It really makes us appreciate all those people who have already been through what we are going through.


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