’Wonderland’ dazzles with color and energy


The youth of Canyon Lake Community Theatre once again delighted audiences with their talent, energy and enthusiasm as they presented this year’s production of “Wonderland,”  an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,”  on July 22 to 24. Major roles were double cast in what became known as the Green Cast and the Blue Cast, appearing in alternate shows.

The show was directed by veteran director and drama teacher Ilene Moore. It was co-produced by Jaimie Woodward and Heather Gotoski. Costume design was by Heidi Nolan.

Many others were involved in helping with this production, but space here will be reserved for showing off the pictures taken by Bobbie Starr Pigeon.

PIC-2-Queen-Alexis-Miner-White-Queen-Valerie-Reen-as-Alice-Green-Cast PIC-3-Queen-Jenna-Daniel-White-Queen-Small-Blue-Cast PIC-4-Queen-Red-Queen-Ella-Gotoski-Green-Cast PIC-7-King-White-King-Dante-Fava-Green-Cast PIC-Jamal-Gaylor-Humpty-Dumpty-Green-Cast-smallPIC-16-Chess-Pieces-Dancer-Morgan-Back-and-Emily-DahlstromPIC-Emcee-Braedon-LeGeyt-smallPIC-Hatta-WhitePIC-Humpty-blue-cast-Nathan-ColemanPIC-10-King-Red-King-Ethan-Cantrall-Blue-cast