This ‘Cyber Kid’ columnist has much to talk about


The Friday Flyer welcomes ‘Cyber Kid’ Hannah Monson to write about the fascinating world of the World Wide Web. Hannah, 14, says she “possesses a passion” for today’s new ways of gathering information and consuming media.

In addition to writing about different websites, internet personalities and resources for teens, Hannah says, “I would explain ways to stay safe online, as well as show my peers the powerful and useful tools the internet has to offer. Of course, I would sprinkle in a little fun, giving the readers ideas for entertainment, too.”

Hannah moved to Canyon Lake last October with her parents, Jeffrey and Lisa Monson, and her three siblings: an older sister named Ashley, an older brother named Josh, and her younger brother, Lane. Her father was in the U.S. Navy, stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi when he retired in 2010.

They previously had been stationed in San Diego, and knew they wanted to move back to California. While searching for houses online, Hannah says, “they happened to stumble across the hidden gem that is Canyon Lake.” It’s now the place they want to live in “forever.”

All of Hannah’s schooling is done online at home through a program called Alpha Omega Publications, though she does have past experience with public school. She will be starting her junior year after summer’s end.

“I have a special passion for journalism,” she says. “Putting my passion to work, I’ve been able to accumulate over 87,000 reads on a ‘fanfiction’ series I published online.” But community is important too, she says. Her involvements include roadside and beach cleanups as well as helping with rescuing, rehabilitating and sending out healthy sea turtles.