Doe’s Derby is a success


The 29th year of Doe’s Derby; which concluded with lunch, a 50/50 drawing and awards at the Country Club; was held on Tuesday, May 24.

Kudos to the 39 players who tested their skill in playing from the green tees, a factor that led to lower than usual scores.

A special treat for the participants was the Attitude Adjustment Station on Hole 5, which included a variety of drinks and snacks set up and served by Bob Clow and his nephew.

“Earning the honor of being the over-the-field winner, the tournament’s champion was 93 year’s young Laverne Cann, with a net score of 60, “ says Tournament Chair Barbara Albrecht. “Laverne never ceases to amaze us and what a role model and inspiration she is.  Congratulations to Laverne and all the flight winners.”

Flight A – 1st place gross: Inga Loy; 2nd place gross: Anita Fairfield; 3rd place gross: Pat Spencer. 1st place net: Norma Yarbrough; 2nd place net: Maxine Whalen; 3rd place net: Lorrie Sjomeling.

Flight B – 1st place gross: Ura Furry; 2nd place gross: Joanna Spiller; 3rd place gross: Marlene Cathro. 1st place net: Rita Wacker; 2nd place net: Ellie Clow; 3rd place net: Linda Johnson.

Flight C – 1st place gross: Phyllis Weed; 2nd place gross: Bonnie Tucker; 3rd place gross: Barbara Weatherman. 1st place net: Linda Kielty; 2nd place net: Bonnie Harlow; 3rd place net: Carla Cords.

Barbara Albrecht adds, “I express my appreciation to all the ladies for their participation and their support, and I offer a very special thank you to those who played a role in making the tournament a success:

Pat Kemball and the Pro Shop staff, Joanna Spiller, Bob and Ellie Clow, Laverne Cann, Ura Furry, Linda Kamashian and Christina Barton and the Country Club staff.