Dale Welty, Paul Queen elected to CLPOA Board


Quorum was met Thursday, May 12, with the Annual Meeting of the Members and Election of the Directors concluding before 1 p.m. A total of 1,541 ballots and proxies were submitted. Dale Welty received the most votes with 1,068; Paul Queen was next with 912. Chris Williams received 399 votes, Paul Chenette 361 and Matt Poland 280.

The new officers are President Bruce Yarbrough, Vice-President Eric Spitzer, Treasurer Dale Welty, Secretary Ted Horton and Director Paul Queen. (Director Queen announced this week that he has opened a new Facebook group called “Paul Queen your POA Director,” where he welcomes input from members.)

Results for the ballot measures were as follows:

The CR&R amendment to remove the 5-foot height limit on fences needed approval by two-thirds of eligible voters, or 3,066 votes. It received 838 yes votes and 519 no votes. It did not pass.

A total of 772 yes votes were needed to pass the following ballot measures:

The measure to remove the use of proxies passed with a vote of 813 yes, 541 no.

The measure to remove cumulative voting did not pass, with a vote of 764 yes, 597 no. (Even though yes votes were in the majority, they did not reach the threshold of 772 votes required to pass.)