Track and cross country have their rewards


Said international tract star Steve Prefontaine,“When people go to a track meet, they’re looking for something, a world record, something that hasn’t been done before. You get all this magnetic energy, people focusing on one thing at the same time. I really get excited about it. It makes me want to compete even more. It makes it all worth while, all the hours of hard work.”

In the very beginning of July, I joined a program that has completely changed my life. I joined the cross country team. Everyone has been affected by the program in different ways.

Amanda Navarro, a sophomore, says, “Running in a race fills me with so much excitement and happiness to know that I am good at something in life. Track has given me all I can ask for and a new journey to begin in life.”

After the season was over, I found out that all of us had to do distance track in the spring sports season. From November 5th all the way to March 1st, we were prepping for the upcoming track season. I was very nervous for our first meet; but after my first mile of the season was underway, all of my nerves went away and I began to love this new sport.

Over the course of the season I have gained so many new friends on Elsinore’s 150-member track and field team.

Jacob Faustino, a freshman, says, “I have met many new friends and have made unforgettable memories with them.”

I am a distance runner, since I came from cross country. So on the track, I do the 800 meter (half mile), the mile, and the two mile. In cross country, the races were all three miles.

I like track a lot more than cross country, not because of the shorter races (okay, that does play a part), but because of the atmosphere.

Like in the quote, when you show up to a track meet there is a feeling in the air. When you step out off of the football field and onto the track, It is a mix of nerves and excitement to start. In that last moment before the gun goes off, everyone is getting their minds ready for the race ahead.

When the race starts, the first priority is positioning. Everyone has a different strategy and all the strategies are being put into effect. After the first 100 to 200 meters is where the real race begins. Every racer is in a position and the rest of the race is pushing yourself mentally and physically trying to make up any time you can.

Another reason I like track more than cross country is because the races are a lot more fun to go to. There is so much going on with all of the different field events going on at the same time as the track events. There is also a lot more motivation. People line up on the edge of the track and cheer you on as you go past, unlike miles on your own in cross country races.

When you are a distance runner, motivation and encouragement are a big part of a race. When you are towards the middle of the race, you naturally start to slow down and other people’s motivation helps you to keep pushing and stay mentally strong. Elsinore High School is very supportive of everyone, so even if you don’t know the person you are still cheering for them.

Track, and basically all sports, affect how you do in school as well, since there are grade requirements to stay on the team. Cassie Pielow, a sophomore on the team, says, “Since track and cross country started, I have done a lot better in school and I feel more involved with my school.”

One of my favorite parts of track meets is when I get to cheer on my teammates and friends in their races. At the end of a race, when you are next to someone or in a pack, you are all tired, but the last sprint to determine your place is a measure of who wants it more. The person who wins that final sprint almost always wins because they want it more, not because of their physical ability.

Anyone can push themselves to what they think is their limit; but if they dig deep enough and develop a strong mindset, they will push themselves far past what they think is the limit. Mimi Black says: “I have gained so much more stamina from track.”

I would like to thank my coaches, Coach Isabel and Coach Dampier, for all of the help and support they have given me. They are inspirations to everyone and are a lot of our biggest motivators. As this season comes to a close, I cannot wait for next year’s seasons to begin.


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