Letter: Fire Services Contracts


Editor, The Friday Flyer:

I am writing to express my concern over the contracts for this one year of County Fire Services in Canyon Lake. This is awesome that we are given this opportunity to have some type of service in Canyon Lake, since Fire Station 60 is no longer in working order.

The only concern that I have about Canyon Lake not having a fire department is the extended response time that comes with Lake Elsinore’s or Menifee’s (Stations 94, 97 and 5) departments. I feel that the response time with these three stations is not going to be fast enough. The average response time for a fire department is 4.9 minutes.

Although I cannot estimated the response time with Station 94 and 97, I believe their average would be much longer and, in the case of an emergency, every second counts.

When Canyon Lake’s contract with Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire expired on June 30, 2015, we have not had an official fire department since. The City has been operating under a State of Local Emergency that came from as far away as Murrieta, Perris or even Corona.

Having this one-year contract with Lake Elsinore and Menifee would be a huge advantage for the City of Canyon Lake. In my opinion, I think that the City needs to get Fire Station 60 back, under any circumstances.

Tyler Harlan