The Friday Flyer is looking for columnists


The Friday Flyer is looking for a columnist interested in writing about social media, smart phone applications and Internet security.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are old favorites, but many people still don’t know how these sites function and what benefits they offer – not to mention some of the newer and lesser known social media sites. And then there are the many smart phone applications that help with everything from setting up shopping lists to keeping track of steps walked to finding a ride or good rate on available hotel rooms – and so much more.

Also, there is much to know about Internet security, including ways to safeguard one’s privacy, how to detect scams, what security programs to use and how to protect children from e-bullying and from materials on the Internet not suitable for their eyes.

There are an endless number of subjects to explore, but the writer will need to communicate with easy-to-understand tips and terminology. Columnists are paid just $10 per column; so this position is for those who like to write and desire to share their knowledge as a means of serving their community. If interested, please send a sample column of approximately 800 words to Editor Sharon Rice at

Teen Columnist

The Friday Flyer would like to congratulate Teen Columnist Blake Echt on his graduation from Temescal Canyon High School and thank him for faithfully writing his Teen Talk column since June 2013. Blake hopes to continue writing throughout the summer; but he soon will be leaving for the University of California Irvine and a new teen columnist will be needed to take his place.

Those interested in applying for the position of teen columnist are invited to send a sample column on the subject of school, teen life or teen activities in Canyon Lake to Editor Sharon Rice at Applicants are asked to provide upcoming grade level and a few of their hobbies and interests. The sample column should be approximately 800 words in length.


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